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Ask the expert – accessible forms

axes4 GmbH // September 18, 2023

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One thing is certain: digital forms won't go away. Many institutions implemented digital forms during the pandemic, and since then, forms are often available exclusively online... and this poses great challenges for website hosts, document creators and implementers. In order to get an idea about accessible forms, we must understand what is needed in the first place.

Let's change our perspective and experience first hand what is required: How do visually impaired people use forms? How do barriers sound in forms? What are the biggest obstacles for blind people when filling out forms that are not accessible? What should document creators pay attention to?

Aleksander Pavkovic is a screenreader user. He often struggles with forms that are not accessible. In this session, he will demonstrate the do's and the don'ts and answer all your questions regarding accessible forms.

When: October 5th, 2023, 15:00 CET

The session will be held in German, questions may be asked and answered in English if necessary.

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