axes4 Community Ask the Expert - Birgit Peböck December 13, 2023

Ask the expert – tables in accessible documents

axes4 GmbH // November 20, 2023

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Complex tables cannot be accessible?

Together with Birgit Peböck, we want to dispel this myth: with know-how and the right tools, it is actually relatively easy to make tables accessible for everyone. You don't need a second document without tables specially designed for blind people (or people using assistive technology in general) - you can create one document for everyone.

Birgit Peböck is an expert on accessible documents. As founder and CEO of Barrierefrei PDF OG, expert and trainer for accessible documents and co-chair of the PDF Association's PDF Accessibility Liaison Working Group, she deals with a wide variety of documents on a daily basis - and always knows what needs to be done.

When: December 13th, 2023, 15:00 CET

How to join: Webinar: Ask the expert - Praxistipps: Tabellen in barrierefreien Dokumenten - 2023 - Events - axes4

The session will be held in German, questions may be asked and answered in English if necessary.

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