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callas software releases pdfToolbox 13

Akash Choudhary // November 22, 2021

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Berlin. callas software, a leading provider of automated PDF quality assurance and archiving solutions, has just released version 13 of its pdfToolbox product line. The centerpieces of the new release are a wider range of options for using JavaScript to dynamically generate checks and fixups, as well as for impositions. Another focus has been on adding new options for process plans, and improvements to how these are configured within the user interface. The new version therefore enables a higher level of automation than ever, once again improving users’ productivity and efficiency when working with pdfToolbox.

“The new features and improvements that we integrated into pdfToolbox 13 are primarily targeted at large-format, label, packaging and personalized mass printing,” said Dietrich von Seggern, Managing Director at callas software GmbH. “We have yet again managed to implement many customer requests in this field.”

For example, callas has systematically expanded how JavaScript can be used in pdfToolbox 13. Users of the new release can use JavaScript to define checks and fixups on a fully dynamic basis. Impositions can now also be applied using JavaScript, making them much easier.

OEM partners of callas software can also use pdfToolbox in the cloud, allowing them to access callas software’s PDF technology within their own products without having to install a separate program or download updates.

pdfToolbox 13 also benefits from more flexible options when converting individual pages, downscaling and compressing images, and integrating with Enfocus Switch. Finally, the new release also includes a new JSON-based report with configurable details about a PDF and its subsequent processing.

Availability & pricing

callas pdfToolbox 13 is available as of today:
pdfToolbox 13 is a free of charge update for all license owners of pdfToolbox Desktop, pdfToolbox Server, pdfToolbox CLI or pdfToolbox SDK with a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

For further inquiries regarding availability, price, options or return on investment, please contact the callas software distribution partner, Four Pees at Download a fully functional time-limited trial version from

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Akash Choudhary

Akash Choudhary, Product Manager at callas software GmbH considers himself as a lifelong student of PDF products and technologies. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (International Management), Akash has gathered experience in small and big firms in software performance testing, marketing, business development and content manager. Working as a point of …


Akash Choudhary

Akash Choudhary, Product Manager at callas software GmbH considers himself as a lifelong student of PDF products and technologies. With …