Accessibility Service Bureau WG

Summer 2022: This group is currently in stasis awaiting a new Chair.

The Accessibility Service Bureau Working Group (ASBWG) was formed to provide a vendors-only forum in which service providers could discuss specific interests and to help establish best practices in regards to content authoring and PDF remediation.

Oftentimes it's stated that the standards leave "room for interpretation" and, as such, one of the goals of this working group is to provide guidance to, and for, its members.

Another goal of the ASBWG is to not only better understand how current and future Assistive Technology (AT) process PDF documents, but also to bridge the gap between PDF standards implementation and treatment/processing by AT.

In addition, it's our hope that AT developers would be open to learning from the findings and recommendations of this group so as to provide end-users with the best, most useful and accessible experience.

Participation in the ASBWG is open to all PDF Association members.

Members wishing to participate in this Working Group's meetings should login to and select "Manage communities" to request access.

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