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The ECM community is the US community dedicated to the development of industry standards, technical reports, best practices, and procedures for the overall management of electronically stored information.  In particular, this community provides guidance on trustworthy storage systems and assessment of the overall records management practices in the organization. This community includes experts from end-user organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, vendors, and technology consultants who specialize in content, document, and records management.

Members of the committee are subscribed to the WG’s email list, gain access to the draft documents and other benefits.

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Members of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO TC 171 SC 2 may participate in online and in-person ECM meetings. PDF Association members may join international (ISO) meetings by informing the PDF Association’s Liaison Officer prior to each meeting, or they may participate via their own countries’ ISO Standards member body.

ISO Standards Published by ISO TC 171 SC 2

ISO TC 171 SC 2 Developing Projects

ECM WG Article: Reducing the potential impact of Ransomware affecting critical records



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