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PDF Days Europe 2014

PDF Days Europe 2014

PDF is a Big Subject

Since 1993 PDF technology has grown from an invention by a single company to a gigantic ecosystem with thousands of vendors. From a proprietary file-format PDF is now part of the global IT infrastructure; an open and democratically-managed ISO standard at work in almost every sector of almost every economy worldwide.

There are now so many options - and so many subset standards - that at times it can be tough to find your way in the world of PDF.

«PDF Days in Europe 2014», an educational event created by the PDF Association, can be your guide.

Whether as electronic paper, or on mobile devices, or as electronic forms, or for delivering 3D content, different users take advantage of PDF in different ways. From the big picture to technical details, «PDF Days in Europe 2014» provide a wide range of information to anyone using PDF.

Whether you are interested in archiving, exchange of electronic invoices and high speed variable data printing to accessibility, digital signatures and much more, «PDF Days in Europe 2014» will provide IT managers, CIOs, ECM strategists, developers and others with key insights, answers, ideas and other opportunities for leveraging the Portable Document Format to reduce costs and generate new opportunities.

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From: June 16, 2014 10:00

To: June 17, 2014 17:00