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PDF Week Paris 2023

As part of our focus on building the ecosystem the home of the worldwide PDF technical community invites members and other PDF technology stakeholders to an entirely new type of PDF Association event: PDF Week.

In the future the PDF Association will co-locate in-person meetings of its Technical and Liaison Working Groups with those of ISO TC 171 SC 2 - PDF's home at ISO - also administered by the PDF Association.

PDF Week offers key benefits for PDF developers, technical product managers and other stakeholders:

  • An opportunity to advance your interpretation and agenda in-person
  • Meet and learn from industry colleagues, international representatives and end users
  • Networking and group events
  • Observe and participate in ISO meetings
  • Build links from ongoing PDF Association technical activities to ISO standardization

The first PDF Week will be held in Paris, at the headquarters of AFNOR, the spring 2023 meeting host for ISO TC 171. Remote attendance will be possible, but obviously, would be a much less rewarding experience.

In-person PDF Week attendees will also enjoy Parisian evening experiences, including a celebration of 30 years of the PDF specification!

Join us in Paris for the first PDF Week, May 2-5!


May 2-5, 2023

11 rue Francis de Pressense
93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis

AFNOR and PDF Association e.V.

Agenda PDF Week Paris 2023

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