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Webinar DocBridge Impress

Webinar: DocBridge Impress – Modern corporate styling and structured document creation

Live Demo DocBridge® Impress webinar discussing the creation of a layout (template) from the designer’s point of view as well as its further use for document creation by the clerk.

The webinar will be held in German.



From: March 15, 2022 10.00 am (CET)

To: March 15, 2022 11.00 am (CET)


What to expect

After a brief introduction to the basic principle of DocBridge® Impress, the software for creating documents and templates for print, web and mobile in one application, the speaker will first explain the most important advantages and special features of this application (including standard output format HTML as the basis for omnichannel delivery, support for input formats such as XML, CSV and JSON). In this context, it will also be shown how the system supports both batch and transactional processing.

The webinar will then focus on the new features in DocBridge® Impress Designer 2.3 – the central tool for creating document templates.

These are essentially:

  • RBAC (Role Based Access Control): It allows individual functions (buttons) to be disabled or hidden as required (e.g. for specific users according to their access rights). This makes it possible to establish very fine (granular) control and monitoring of access rights for document creation.
  • Print: The media design of the print output is greatly facilitated by the definition of a page size and the possibility of absolute positioning. This allows complex layouts, such as a shipping label, to be designed using drag and drop, minimizing differences between design and print output.

Within the presentation it will be shown how the use of RBAC enables a stringent corporate styling. Two live demos with the following scenarios are planned:

  • Creation of a layout (template) from the designer’s point of view
  • Use of the template by the clerk for the creation of a concrete document (communication)

Target audience

The event is suitable both for those who are not yet familiar with DocBridge Impress, or only a little, and for those who already use the solution and are particularly interested in innovations in the area of corporate styling (DocBridge® Impress Designer).

Following his presentation, the speaker Tobias Kanaske, Product Owner at Compart will be available to answer questions from the participants.


German / 60 min

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