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Screenshot of Tools dropdown menu with OCR highlighted.

How to perform OCR on PDF documents?

Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. // August 8, 2023

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OCR is the conversion that can recognize text content in images and scanned documents and turn them into text files or searchable PDFs, so that you can search, correct, and copy the text. PDF Reader Mac version enables you to convert scanned PDFs into editable PDFs.

*Please note that "content edit" is not available after performing OCR conversion on pdf files.

  1. Open the scanned PDF document.
  2. Click on the “OCR” button from the toolbar.
    Screenshot showing OCR in menu
  3. Or you can click "Tool" > "OCR" from the top menu bar.
    Screenshot of tools dropdown menu with OCR highlighted.
  4. In the OCR Settings dialog box, choose the method of how you want to apply OCR to the PDF.
  5. Choose an output folder and click "OK" to start conversion.
    Screenshot showing to click "OK" when file folder is selected.
  6. Once the file is converted, it will be saved to the target folder.
  7. Then you can select the text content for editing.
    Screenshot showing that text can be selected for edit.

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