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PDF Reader now with translation option

Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. // October 31, 2023

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Kdan Mobile's PDF Reader for Windows transforms how you work with PDF documents with its new translation feature. PDF files come in many languages, whether they are online brochures, product manuals, or business documents. With Kdan Mobile's PDF Reader for Windows translation tool, it is easier to translate PDF documents accurately. The tool allows you to translate PDF documents directly, edit and proofread the translation and then save the translation for reference later without having to translate the document again.

Translate PDF directly

Translating PDF documents is as easy as opening the PDF document you want to translate, selecting what you want to translate and choosing "Translate". Let PDF Reader for Windows do the rest.

Proofread and Edit translations

Once the PDF document is translated, PDF Reader for Windows lets you edit the document by double clicking on what you want to edit and saving your changes.

Save and Mark the translation

With PDF Reader for Windows, you can easily save the translation for future reference.

Learn more about Kdan Mobile's PDF Reader for Windows translation tool today.

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