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Elodie Tellier

Interview with Elodie Tellier, Managing Director of Orpalis, about PDF Days Online 2021

Elodie Tellier, Managing Director of Orpalis, talks about her sesseion “PDF/A Conversion and Validation Challenges” at the PDF Days Online 2021.
About the author: The PDF Association staff delivers a vendor-neutral platform for PDF’s stakeholders, facilitating the development of open specifications and ISO standards for PDF technology. The staff are located in Germany, the … Read more
PDF Association staff

PDF Association staff
September 6, 2021


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Elodie TellierPDF Association: At the PDF Days Online 2021, you will be hosting a presentation titled “PDF/A Conversion and Validation Challenges” – what’s that about?

Elodie Tellier: While there are some technical similarities between the PDF/A conversion and validation processes, developers working with these tools need to take many differences into consideration. For instance, both conversion and validation engines analyze objects, contents, file structure and syntax, and check if all the features conform to the specification and its various levels. However, the way they handle metadata, fonts, transparency, color spaces, and annotations, just to name a few, is very different.
Understanding how each process works also allows users to understand why, in some cases, they don’t get the expected results and what their options are. It will also help them to choose the right tools for their needs.

PDF Association: Who is your presentation aimed at?

Elodie Tellier: I’ll co-present this session with our PDF/A lead developer Matus Pizur, who supervised the development of our conversion and validation engines. Even if our presentation is primarily aimed at developers, users who are not necessarily familiar with the format will learn a lot about it – and maybe use it more!

PDF Association: What will the people who attend your presentation be able to take away from it?

Elodie Tellier: PDF/A conversion and validation are not straightforward. Some files can be problematic, but there is always a workaround.

PDF Association: The PDF Days Online 2021 has become the leading PDF event. What makes the PDF Days so unique in your mind?

Elodie Tellier: PDF Days is simply the place to get the best information about PDF because you will find the people working on the standard and making it evolve. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get a complete overview of the market and the solutions available. And it’s very easy to get in touch with presenters and members of the PDF Association if you have any questions!

PDF Association: Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at the PDF Days Online 2021.

Check out the overall PDF Days agenda and register for Elodie’s session.

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