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Mail-Gard improves print and mail production work-flow with PDF Command Line Suite

Nadine Schuppisser // September 29, 2014

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Mail-Gard, a division of IWCO Direct, is one of the nation‘s leading providers of print-to-mail continuity and recovery services. With locations in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, Mail-Gard maintains fully-secured and dedicated recovery facilities that support cut sheet, continuous form, duplex, MICR and color printing as well as accumulating, folding and inserting capabilities. In case of any business interruption – human error, power outage, natural disaster – Mail-Gard can ensure that a company‘s invoices, statements and other critical documents will reach customers and vendors.

Application requirements and implementation

Mail-Gard processes individual PDF documents which includes merging to produce production print ready files. Previous tools in use were cumbersome and the process was disfunctional and inconsistent. Data conversion from PDF to another print data language was required, which resulted in the loss of data integrity due to poor image quality and distorted translation of fonts.

Therefore Mail-Gard was searching for a new tool that was able to split PDFs into individual pages and to merge up to several hundred PDF pages into a single PDF document. The software had to meet requirements such as maintaining data integrity and maintaining sequence, as well as adding intelligence for large volume production print and mail, with 100% accuracy and accountability for every mail piece. With the implementation of a new PDF software Mail-Gard intended to improve processing time to meet their clients’ service level requirements.

Mail-Gard was already familiar with the PDF Command Line Suite of PDF Tools AG. When testing functions and speed, it became obvious that Mail-Gard gains 150% improvement in processing time.

Customer Benefits

Very few solutions allow Mail-Gard to satisfactorily modify PDFs according to their requirements. The PDF Command Line Suite enables Mail-Gard to process existing PDF documents efficiently and swiftly without any adaptations to their existing infrastructure. With the command line tool of PDF Tools AG Mail-Gard is able to split PDFs into individual pages, merge existing pages with pages they generate, add barcodes and sequence numbers or re-order pages of merged PDFs. With this PDF tool Mail-Gard ensures the integrity and controls the process which in turn improves print and mail production workflow.

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