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Screenshot from Ruud's presentation.

Marketing Working Group – E-Invoicing: Is PDF’s Dominance in Jeopardy?

To encourage marketing staff to sign up for the PDF Technology Marketing Working Group we decided to record a recent presentation to the MWG by one of our members, and make it available to those who have not yet signed up.
About the author: Thomas Zellmann has been working in electronic data processing (EDP) for more than 30 years and has extensive experience with classic and modern IT solutions. Prior to joining LuraTech/Foxit in 2001 he worked … Read more
Thomas Zellmann

Thomas Zellmann
September 28, 2023


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The PDF Association’s principle focus is on providing a vendor-neutral platform for technical discussions centered on achieving a consensus understanding and evolution of PDF’s specification. In addition to the association’s 20 active technical and liaison communities there exists a members-only community dedicated to enhancing industry awareness of how the digital document marketplace is evolving - the PDF Technology Marketing Working Group (MWG).

To encourage marketing and business development staff among members to consider signing up for this community we decided to record a recent presentation to the MWG given by one of our members and make it available more generally, as it includes content of interest to all PDF industry stakeholders.

Accordingly, on September 7, 2023 the PDF Technology MWG invited Ruud van Hilten, Director E-Invoicing Compliance at PDF Association member Kofax, to provide his observations on the shifting landscape of e-invoicing.

The abstract of Ruud’s presentation:

In numerous nations, businesses have been accustomed to seamlessly exchanging PDF invoices, a practice widely acknowledged as legally and fiscally sound. However, a significant transformation is on the horizon. Fueled by tax reforms and a resolute commitment to curbing VAT fraud, numerous governments are heralding the advent of e-invoicing mandates, ushering in an era of paperless transactions facilitated by structured data invoices. 

Simultaneously, the European Union (EU) is taking the reins with its proposed VAT in the Digital Age Directive (ViDA), poised to reshape the landscape of invoice exchanges among diverse stakeholders—ranging from enterprises to governmental bodies and even consumers—across nations. This directive's impending implementation marks just the inception of an inexorable revolution set to redefine the dynamics of invoicing practices as we know them.

The presentation recording (about 20 minutes), and subsequent discussion (another 25 minutes) is now available. Ruud's slides are also available for download.

Marketers: join the PDF Technology MWG!

PDF Association members are welcome to join the PDF Technology marketing working group! Our meetings are typically held at 1000 ET / 1600 CET on the first Thursday of the month with a focus on topics of interest to marketers and business development managers in the digital document space.

Recent subjects and outcomes include:

Joining is easy! PDF Association members can simply login to pdfa.org, navigate to the Member Area, and sign up for the PDF Technology MWG!

We look forward to continuing our work, and to you joining us in our efforts!

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