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Actual Reports

Actual Reports provides a versatile document generation and automation platform, PDF Generator API, to enable developers and companies to streamline their document generation process efficiently. Actual Reports is the same for document generation as Twilio is for messaging or Mailchimp for transactional emails. Our main product is a highly scalable Web API and embeddable document editor that can be easily integrated into an existing product by any software provider or developer. By integrating Actual Reports document generation API, document-heavy software companies can reduce the development and support costs by enabling their users to create and manage their document templates using a browser-based drag-and-drop document editor. Actual Reports was founded in 2012, and it started as an API (Application Programming Interface) for developers to add barcode label generation capabilities to their software easily. From there on, the product functionality has evolved to support any document generation needs, from simple labels to invoices, reports and contracts. Today, companies worldwide, from e-commerce and accounting platforms to banks and airlines, value Actual Reports software solutions and generate over 7 million documents monthly.

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Full Member
Joined January 2021
Headquartered in Estonia


Sven Lillepalu Marketing

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