MadeTo Print Now compatible with Adobe InDesign 2024

New axaio MadeToPrint version, incl. compatibility with Adobe InDesign 2024

axaio software GmbH // November 2, 2023

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axaio software just announced the compatibility of its tools MadeToPrint Standard/Auto and MadeForLayers with Adobe InDesign version 2024 (v19.0). In addition, the new version 3.3.350 of MadeToPrint (Standard, Auto & Server) includes a list of new features and improvements that have also been made available for older InDesign versions.

New preflight options

The newly added MadeToPrint Preflight option for checking for missing plug-ins in the InDesign document, ensures the expected seamless workflow. Furthermore, you can now separately specify whether to check for missing fonts and/or missing links in the document. Previously, only both could be set at the same time, which did not always meet the customer's output requirements.

Job tickets in JSON format

In the MadeToPrint job ticket mode, new options have been provided to create input job tickets in JSON format to cover individual customer workflows. Moreover, you have the possibility to create the result job tickets in JSON format as well, by defining it in the input ticket. MadeToPrint UI enhancements Among others, the MadeToPrint Parameter Overrides feature has been integrated into the general setup panel, making it no longer necessary to enter a separate dialog and thus simplifying handling. In addition, more than eight parameters per job can now be adjusted in MadeToPrint's standard mode for even more individual control of the print settings.

Further improvements

Additionally, several other improvements have been integrated that lead to more safety in the automated print output: In case that files in the MadeToPrint hot folder cannot be processed due to problems, for example because of a crash of the Adobe InDesign Server, they are automatically moved to an error folder, if an error folder has been set up. This significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of identifying and fixing problems.

The entire list of the release notes of MadeToPrint version 3.3.350 can be reviewed at the axaio website.

The new MadeToPrint version as well as a free 30-day trial can be downloaded from the axaio website.

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