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NEW PDFix SDK 7.0 Features Update

PDFix // August 8, 2023

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PDFix: Introducing the Latest Features Update of PDFix SDK 7.0

The PDFix SDK empowers developers with the tools to integrate advanced PDF functionalities into their applications seamlessly. With the latest release, we've focused on delivering an even more comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Notable Features of the New PDFix SDK Update:

✔ Added PsCommand FixWhitespaces, SetStructureAttribute, RemoveContentMark

  • The"FixWhitespaces" add missing spaces in the text, or artifact or remove redundant space to improve readability.
  • The "SetStructureAttribute" allows modifying structure element attributes.
  • The “RemoveContentMarks” allows removing structure content marks from page objects.

✔ Added CLI Batch Command

The feature allows to execute multiple operations or tasks sequentially using the command-line interface. It streamlines workflows and automates repetitive tasks efficiently.

✔ Added PdfDoc.CreateXObjectFromPage

The feature allows you to create an XObject from a specific page. This XObject can be reused in multiple locations to support imposition.

✔ Added support for macOS M1 chips

Now compatible with Apple's M1 chip architecture. Users of the PDFix SDK can now build optimized applications for the latest macOS devices with M1 chips, providing a seamless and enhanced user experience.

We are excited to announce that Python support has been integrated into the PDFix SDK! 

PDFix SDK, built using proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, now offers Python support, empowering developers to build applications across various platforms and programming languages using Python.

PDFix SDK for Python is seamlessly included in the installation package and can be easily installed in your Python environment through PIP.

Remember to download the latest version 7.0 to access the newest features in PDFix SDK, including this recent update.

PDFix offers a powerful PDF SDK with a primary focus on logical content extraction and adding structure to PDF documents. With over 20 years of experience working with PDF, we have introduced a completely new way of looking at PDF. Our recognition algorithm can convert any PDF into a logically…

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