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PDF Fragment Identifiers

June 2024 by Peter Wyatt (PDF Association)

Websites can use URI fragments for PDF references so that when visitors need to interact with PDF content, the precise content can be referenced, providing a quick and helpful experience instead of a generic and unfriendly “it’s somewhere in this long PDF document – work it out for yourself”.

This article is for those who wish to focus on improving the user experience for website visitors needing to access specific content in PDF documents. In addition to a review of fragment identifiers and an analysis of current browser support, the article includes test URLs referencing PDFs with various features that can be used by, or influence, PDF fragment identifiers.

We hope that browser development teams will pay closer attention to the needs of their end-users when accessing web-delivered PDF content. This includes fully supporting a broader set of ISO-standardized PDF fragment identifiers in browsers’ default configurations.

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