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New large-scale PDF corpus now publicly available

This new corpus – nearly 8 million PDFs totaling about 8 TB – was gathered from across the web in July/August of 2021.



PDF Days Online 2021 is now!

PDF Days Online 2021 is brimming with up-to-date technical and educational presentations. If you work with digital documents there’s a session for you.

PDF Days Online 2021

Previewing PDF Days Online 2021

We preview some of what’s coming at PDF Days Europe 2021 with sessions in accessibility, production, security and core PDF technology.

PDF Days Online 2021

PDF Days Europe 2021 – Agenda Announcement

Check out the agenda for PDF Days Europe 2021, and get your early bird ticket while they last!

PDF Days Europe 2021:

Resources Reorganization

pdfa.org resources now include a new technical index, list of GitHub repos and more.

ISO 32000-2 Normative References visualization

Adobe Standards Support Endowment 2021

The Endowment supplements membership dues to enable the PDF Association to maintain and extend its support for administration of ISO TC 171 SC 2.

Adobe Standards Support Endowment

Rules for Accessible PDF: Matterhorn Protocol 1.1 is now available

The document promotes adoption of the ISO standard for accessible PDF by software developers, service bureaus and others interested in validating accessibility in PDF documents.

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Introducing the Rich Media Technical Working Group

A new Technical Working Group will develop guidance and best-practices for the RichMedia annotation defined in PDF 2.0.

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PDF Days Europe 2021 – Save the Date

PDF Days Europe 2021 is coming in September, 2021! Join us for a hybrid online / in-person event that allows attendees maximum flexibility in light of the COVID-19 situation.

PDF Days Europe 2021

PDF Association IPR Policy

The members of the PDF Association have adopted a new Intellectual Property Rights Policy to make it easier for experts to share their knowledge.

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Solution Agent: ask the PDF industry

Those seeking PDF technology solutions used to have to do all the hard work of identifying and soliciting competent vendors. Now it’s easy to ask the entire industry for help!

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