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New Visual Studio Code extension supporting PDF syntax

The new VSCode extension by the PDF Association provides PDF syntax awareness to this popular editor, and is designed to support those learning PDF as … Read more



PDF Week Online 2024 in February

The PDF technical community will hold a series of online meetings during February 2024 to continue advancing the PDF file format.

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PDF Week shapes the future of PDF

PDF Week Fall 2023 in San Francisco covered subjects ranging from HDR to compression, color fonts, animation, accessibility and (much!) more!

PDF Association integrates GitHub for communities

As its members become more active in PDF Association communities we’ve taken new steps to ensure that easy access to respective public and private GitHub repositories.

PDF issues on GitHub

PDF Week Fall 2023 | October 16-20

Save October 16-20 for PDF Week Fall 2023 in San Francisco including an open Industry Symposium on Advancing PDF’s Imaging Model!

PDF Week Fall 2023

It’s time to update PDF’s Imaging Model

PDF’s imaging model is due for its first refresh in 20 years. You can participate by joining the new PDF Association Technical Working Group dedicated to this objective.

ISO 32000-2, Figures 20 and 21.

Announcing the Aligning PDF/A and PDF/X LWG

The PDF Association has volunteered to host a new Liaison Working Group (LWG) to bring together experts from both PDF/X and PDF/A communities.

PDF Week Paris 2023 – register now!

Join your PDF industry colleagues to learn and share while advancing PDF technology for all stakeholders.

PDF Week Paris 2023

Announcing the first PDF Week, May 2-5 2023

A new type of PDF Association event, PDF Week is the ideal way to get to know the experts developing and advancing PDF technology.

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Adobe Standards Support Endowment for 2023

Along with membership dues, Adobe’s Standards Support Endowment facilities administration of ISO TC 171 SC 2 and sustains the continuing development of specifications and standards for PDF technology.

Adobe Standards Support Endowment

Home of the worldwide PDF technical community

In 2023 the PDF Association will focus on technical community while the final phase of the SafeDocs program offers an opportunity to shape the future.