pdfRest Launches New ‘Convert to PDF/X’ API Tool

Datalogics // May 30, 2023

PDF/X Member News

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Convert to PDF/X is a REST API tool that converts PDFs to one of several standard PDF/X formats PDF/X on a rectangle made to look like a paper with a check mark in a circle in the lower right corner to meet prepress print requirements. Process complex conversions with one simple step that makes all of the required adjustments to optimize your documents for print and conform to standard specifications required by professional printers. pdfRest leverages high-quality Adobe® technology for reliable results and a flexible REST API interface that can be called from nearly any programming language. With Convert to PDF/X, you can ensure your output will conform to your targeted print standards by selecting from a range of PDF/X conformance versions:

  • PDF/X-1a
  • PDF/X-3
  • PDF/X-4

Convert to PDF/X makes converting PDFs quick and easy and can be integrated into your existing workflow for automation and batch processing at scale.

Get your free API Key now to access all of the pdfRest API Tools, and get started with our simple API Lab interface to build and send calls from your browser. You can also start from code samples in our GitHub repository, or start from preconfigured API Calls with our Postman Collection.

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