pdfRest Launches PDF to Office Pro Cloud API Service to Simplify PDF Conversion

Datalogics // November 15, 2023

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pdf to Office logopdfRest is thrilled to introduce its new PDF to Office Pro Cloud API service, streamlining the process of converting PDF files into editable Microsoft Office documents. This user-friendly API facilitates effortless editing, analysis, and presentation of content found within PDFs.

PDF to Office Pro comprises three powerful tools:

  • PDF to Word: This API tool transforms PDF documents into Microsoft Word documents, enabling users to seamlessly edit and format the content.
  • PDF to Excel: This API tool converts PDF documents into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, empowering users to organize and analyze data with ease.
  • PDF to PowerPoint: This API tool converts PDF documents into Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, fostering engaging and visually appealing presentations.

The PDF to Office Pro Cloud API service delivers high-quality conversion, eliminating formatting errors, data loss, and compatibility issues prevalent in other PDF conversion tools. Additionally, it provides a fast and straightforward REST API interface, accessible from virtually any programming language or low-code framework. This simplifies PDF conversion automation and batch processing at scale.

PDF to Office Pro is currently available via Cloud API service, with plans to expand to a Self-Hosted API in the AWS Marketplace. To get started, developers can sign up for a free API key and use the intuitive pdfRest API Lab interface to construct and send API calls from a web browser. Code samples are also available on the pdfRest GitHub repository, and preconfigured API calls can be found in the pdfRest Postman Collection.

Developed by Datalogics, a leading provider of PDF solutions, pdfRest offers a comprehensive suite of powerful APIs that empower developers and businesses to seamlessly integrate PDF conversion, modification, extraction, and optimization into their applications and workflows. pdfRest's APIs are easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable, making them the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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