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Boris Doubrov

Boris Doubrov is CEO of Dual Lab, the company specializing in product development services in the areas of Computer Graphics, CAD/CAM Modelling and other Science-intensive areas. Boris Doubrov holds a PhD in Mathematics and has been working for more than 20 years in PDF technologies as a software developer, a project manager, and a business owner.

Boris is an active participant of the ISO activity on PDF standards development and led technical development of veraPDF, an open source industry supported PDF/A and PDF/UA validation tool.

Boris Doubrov

at Dual Lab sprl

Boris Doubrov's Publications

Presentation June 7, 2021
At the moment WCAG validation is a legal requirement, while PDF/UA is not (unfortunately). In this talk we make an … Read more
Presentation July 14, 2020
We demonstrate the extension of veraPDF framework for validating syntax of PDF/UA-1 and Tagged PDF including formal list of checks, … Read more
Presentation January 6, 2020
Even if veraPDF was developed initially for supporting PDF/A validation, its model is very flexible and can be adjusted to … Read more
Member News October 22, 2019
Dual Lab is proud to announce the new release of the web application ngPDF that demonstrates the use of Tagged … Read more
Member News June 17, 2019
Following the official PDF Association publication of the PDF to HTML Derivation algorithm Dual Lab is glad to release a … Read more
Presentation June 17, 2019
We provide the detailed analysis of the current state of art of Math accessibility in PDF publications. It covers the … Read more
Presentation May 14, 2018
Article August 30, 2017
The Portable Document Format is perhaps the most common example of a de facto standard, so much so that Wikipedia … Read more
Article May 19, 2015
How veraPDF’s purpose-built validation model addresses the challenge of PDF/A validation and opens the door to a generalized model for … Read more
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