Tagged and Accessible PDF with LaTeX

The current state of the project, existing achievements, and plans for future


In Summer 2020 the LaTeX Project Team announced the start of a multi-year project [1, 2] to produce tagged and accessible PDF from existing  LaTeX sources with no or only minimal configuration adjustments. In this talk we describe the current state of the project, the existing achievements, and our plans for future.


[1] Frank Mittelbach, Ulrike Fischer, and Chris Rowley. LaTeX Tagged PDF Feasibility Evaluation. LaTeX Project, Sept. 2020. [2] Frank Mittelbach and Chris Rowley: LaTeX Tagged PDF — A blueprint for a large project. TUGboat 41(3):292–298, 2020.

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Presented at PDF Days Europe 2022
( 2022, Sep )

Frank Mittelbach
Frank Mittelbach
The LaTeX Project