What’s new in the updated PDF 2.0 dated revision

Key changes in the very latest PDF 2.0 standard (soon to be published by ISO!) that every PDF expert should know

PDF 2.0

Since the original publication of PDF 2.0 as the almost 1000-page ISO 32000-2:2017 specification, ISO subject matter experts have been working on a "dated revision" update to ISO 32000-2. This new and improved publication will soon replace the 2017 edition of PDF 2.0 (and it is still called PDF 2.0), as it includes many corrections, clarifications and a few technical updates resulting from early adopters of PDF 2.0. This presentation by one of the ISO Project Leaders of ISO 32000-2 (responsible for making all the necessary edits) will summarize the key changes and bring you rapidly up-to-speed with the very latest in PDF 2.0.


Presented at OctoberPDFest online
( 2020, Oct )

Peter Wyatt
Peter Wyatt
PDF Association