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DocBridge® View

Produced by Compart GmbH

DocBridge® View is a powerful and easy-to-use software for viewing and editing electronically stored documents. It can display single, multiple, or stacked pages. An outstanding feature is the support of all common file formats that are used for printing, storage and archiving. Each opened file is displayed in a separate view, but in the same screen. The loaded files can also be of different formats. Since DocBridge® View is based on the proven DocBridge® CORE Engine, all input formats of the Compart matrix are supported. The user receives a uniform view of all these file formats. All resource references are supported for the display of the documents. The display on the screen corresponds exactly to the printed and / or archived document. The usual internal and external resources for mixed-object formats such as AFP, such as overlays, page segments, media maps or form definitions or fonts are resolved true to the original. For the font display, it is possible to switch between the display by system fonts of the same type and the display by fonts rasterized by DocBridge® View itself. Missing forms in the data stream can be "mixed in" for display and printing. Thus, the readability and display loyalty is further increased. Likewise, pages for printing can be provided with an additional text (eg "copy"). In addition to the actual document view, metadata of the documents is also displayed. This includes, for example, information that is important for printing (simplex / duplex, number of print copies, feed slot for the paper). Likewise, the AFP format displays the values of NOPs or TLEs. Additional features:

  • Display the document pages in a hierarchical tree or in a thumbnail
  • Navigation in the index structure of AFP documents (eg TLE)
  • Selection, printing and e-mailing of individual pages
  • Display module also available as a program library - thus integration in specialized applications.
More about DocBridge® View: www.compart.com/en/docbridge-view

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