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FDFMerge Lite

Produced by Appligent Document Solutions

FDFMerge Lite is a robust PDF form filling solution for simple forms workflows. FDFMerge Lite does not support partial form flattening, image stamping or the more sophisticated typography features of FDFMerge.

See the Forms Software Feature Comparison table for more details on the differences between FDFMerge and FDFMerge Lite.

Form Population Features

  • Fill text data into PDF form fields
  • Remove all active form fields, stamping field content directly into the document (form flattening). (For selective flattening of individual fields, see FDFMerge)
  • Place PDF, JPEG or TIFF graphics into fields
  • Process multiple forms using only one FDF or xFDF file
  • Run commands in CommandCollections for even greater performance NEW in 6.0!

File Handling Options

  • Process multiple forms using one FDF or xFDF file
  • Apply 40-bit or 128-bit file encryption with user password to control who may view, print, or modify a document
  • Optimize output PDFs for faster access and viewing when downloaded from the Web or a network (Fast Web View)
  • Incremental or Full save to optimize speed, memory usage, and output file size

Easy Integration

  • No limit on concurrent users or connections
  • No limit on the number of documents processed
  • No limit on threads - run as many instances as you want
  • Call from any programming or scripting language including (but not limited to) Perl, PHP, Java, C++, ASP & .Net, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion and Lotus Notes
  • May be integrated with other Appligent Document Solutions server products as part of a complete PDF workflow solution
  • Supports PDF 1.0 and higher

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows

Linux (RedHat, SUSE, Ubuntu, etc.)


Oracle (Sun) Solaris

Apple Mac OS X


Use FDFMerge Lite with a CGI script to dynamically create forms based on data users submit from their browsers. In an electronic document workflow, FDFMerge Lite can be scripted for multistage processing and used with our other products as part of a complete PDF workflow solution

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