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Produced by PDFlib GmbH

PDFlib is the leading developer toolbox for generating and manipulating files in the Portable Document Format (PDF). PDFlib’s main targets are dynamic PDF creation on a Web server or any other server system, and to implement »Save as PDF« in existing applications. You can use PDFlib to dynamically create PDF documents from database contents, similar to dynamic Web pages. PDFlib has proven itself in a wide range of other use cases as well. Application programmers need only decent graphics or print output experience to be able to use PDFlib quickly. Since PDFlib frees you from the technicalities of the PDF file format, you can focus on acquiring the data and arranging text, graphics, and images on the page. PDFlib offers all functions required to generate PDF documents with text, graphics, images, and interactive elements such as annotations or bookmarks. Use PDFlib for the following tasks:

  • add »Save as PDF« capability to your application
  • create PDF documents on a Web server in real time
  • create database reports in PDF
  • take advantage of advanced typography and full Unicode and encoding support for text output
  • advanced color management functionality
  • convert TIFF, JPEG, or other image formats as well as SVG graphics to PDF
  • automatically format tables with all kinds of cell contents
  • create PDF/X-1/3/4/5 documents for commercial printing
  • create PDF/A-1/2/3 for archiving
  • create PDF/VT for transactional printing
  • create Tagged PDF and PDF/UA for accessibility


Tagged PDF creation PDF/UA creation
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