Qoppa Software New Java Library to Convert Microsoft Word and Excel to PDF

Leila Holmann // November 7, 2017

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Qoppa Software is happy to announce the release of a new Java library called jOfficeConvert that can read and render Microsoft® Word® and Excel® documents natively and convert them to PDF, convert them to images, or print the documents automatically.

Conversion from Word and Excel documents to HTML5 / SVG is possible by using jOfficeConvert in conjunction with Qoppa PDF to HTLM5 conversion library, jPDFWeb.

The library offers many conversion options such as embedding fonts when converting Word documents to PDF, creating bookmarks or customizing page layout when converting Excel worksheets to PDF.

jOfficeConvert is an evolution from Qoppa’s previous library jWordConvert that supported Word to PDF conversion only. Existing jWordConvert customers with an active support contract can upgrade to jOfficeConvert and have the choice to continue using the Word to PDF conversion only or upgrade their license to start using the Excel to PDF conversion.

As a Java library, jOfficeConvert can run on any platform that supports Java, including Windows, Linux, Unix (AIX, Solaris Spark, Solaris Intel, HP-UX) and Mac OSX. The library does not use any third party software or native calls, and can be used in a server environment such as JavaEE application server or integrated into a desktop application.

Qoppa Software® is located in Atlanta and specializes in the development of high-end libraries and applications to work with PDF documents. Qoppa Software offers a suite of products that cover every aspect of PDF processes and integrate seamlessly into document workflows.Our products are carefully designed and developed to provide the …

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