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An organization should take into account several aspects when choosing a software, not only the software`s capabilities. Organizations must contemplate how effective the software usage is for multiple users across the whole organization. In this article, we explore the value FineReader PDF brings to organizations with a volume licensing program.

The 3rd International Workshop on “Digitization and E-Inclusion in Mathematics and Science 2016” (DEIMS2016), which is supported by Nihon University, Junior College Funabashi Campus and the Not-for-Profit Organization: Science Accessibility Net, will bring together experts from around the world to present and discuss state-of-the-art technologies (research and development), novel activities and future perspectives on digitization/computerized-processing of STEM contents, their applications and accessibility.

Government requirements for electronic documents include considerations most businesses don’t need to address. From long-term archivability to accessibility, authenticity, redaction and more, government organizations think about documents a little differently.

At PDF Day in Washington DC and New York City, CIOs will get the information they need about PDF/A-3, the powerful subset of PDF with the potential to shorten payment cycles, reduce administrative costs and enable new means of collaboration.

PDF Day brings CIOs together to learn how PDF support for digital signatures, automated invoicing, online collaboration and accessibility take the format far beyond a faithful rendition of a printable page. PDF is familiar, but also, woefully underutilized.

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