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The PDF Hackathon is a technical and hands-on event where attendees will work in groups to find answers to their PDF questions. These questions might be related to any of the callas products or to more general PDF topics. Attendees will dig deep into the callas products or into PDF structures. Bringing one’s own laptop will be necessary. The idea of the PDF Hackathon is to bring together experts in different fields and to have an immediate and intense exchange of expertise.


The PDF/VT Application Notes discuss topics that aid implementers of PDF/VT workflow tools and demonstrate the various design features of the PDF/VT file format. The document was developed by the PDF/VT Competence Center of the PDF Association, in close cooperation with, and at the request of ISO TC 130 WG 2 TF 3 (PDF/VT), and with … Read more

The pdfChip Hackathon is a technical and hands-on event; bringing your own laptop is necessary. Test licenses for pdfChip, pdfToolbox and pdfaPilot on Mac, Windows or Linux are made available. Some technical knowledge about PDF and HTML will be helpful; the idea of the pdfChip Hackathon is to bring together experts in different fields and have a immediate and intense exchange of expertise.

PDF and PDF/VT formats are increasingly being used in variable data printing applications. The way in which those files are constructed can speed up, or slow down, your workflow. Yet, until now, there has been no information available about how to fully optimize PDF files for VDP.

Fogra’s “ISO News 17” provides detailed information about the meetings of ISO TC 130 (the ISO technical committees on “Graphic technology”) in London in March 2014. PDF related work items play a substantial role – latest developments on PDF/Live for variable data printing, PDF/X-next, black point compensation, metadata in proofing workflows, colour data exchange using XML (CxF) are reported. Fogra’s “ISO News” series can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF or EPUB.

Xplor Internatational organizes a free webinar «Solving the Mysteries of Accessible Customer Communications» on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT. Topics: What is PDF/UA, Accessible PDFs vs. the ISO 14289-1 Standard

How to avoid disruption to the print workflow when printing variable data jobs and the potential penalties that may ensue? Martin Bailey shares valuable insights and provides practical, actionable information.

Practical guide from PDF Association member Global Graphics

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