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The new PDF Association website

Welcome to the brand new PDF Association website. This sweeping relaunch has a modern and user-friendly interface and offers interesting contributions for every visitor.
About the author: Matthias obtained his degree in computer science in 1985 and possess comprehensive IT knowledge and experience dealing with the use of PDF format. Following his studies he was employed as a … Read more

This comprehensive relaunch has a modern and user-friendly interface on both desktop and mobile devices. It includes significant new features for stakeholders and visitors alike.

It's about the members

Screen-shot of a member highlight.Our members asked us for more ways to help them communicate their philosophy, products and services, and we took this as our starting-point.

Members' news and events are now fully integrated into the industry news, feature articles, interviews and announcements published by the PDF Association itself. The home page and other landing pages now feature member organizations and their products.

The member list may now be filtered by product sector, so it's possible to get an overview of all members supporting (for example) tagged PDF, or PDF/X.

The members' products interface is completely overhauled, and is now fully extensible. As we move forwards, the product listings will be expanded with new taxonomies to reflect the true breadth and depth of PDF Association members' offerings.

pdfa.org already includes the largest index of PDF-related products in the world. With ongoing refinements based on member feedback, the PDF product index is rapidly becoming an indispensable resource for organizations contemplating PDF technology procurement.

Editorial recognition

Screen-shot from an author page.The new pdfa.org provides a platform for thought-leadership to each member organization and to the individuals working for that organization.

By writing or contributing to technical articles, opinion pieces, news posts, events, publications, videos, case-studies, white papers and more, each PDF Association member can leverage pdfa.org to highlight their capabilities, expertise and understanding of customer needs.

For one example, take a look at PDF Association chairman Matt Kuznicki's profile, in which he receives "author" and "contributor" credit for articles, news items, resources and other contributions to the community.

NOTE: In relaunching the site we have attempted to resolve author and contributor data for the past couple of years of posts, but gaps remain. Members are welcome to request corrections; please simply email web@pdfa.org to request an addition or correction to the "author" or "contributor" designation on any given post.

Improved discoverability

Screen shot of digest page menu item.pdfa.org services individuals and organizations with diverse interests. Our users asked us to make it easier for them to find relevant content. 

The new site provides several enhancements to navigation. In particular, the new pdfa.org provides "digest" pages that draw together items we've classified as intended for various classes of site visitors, including end users, developers, marketing professionals and German speakers.

See what's on the digest pages today! 

New feature: community pages

Screen shot Working Groups landing page.The PDF Association now recognizes its various working groups directly on the website, providing public credit to members who step up to take leadership roles.

From the original PDF/A Technical Working Group (TWG) to the PDF Validation TWG and the new Liaison Working Groups, each now has its own page that may be used to promote documents, contributors, news and other information of interest.

Moving forwards, we will continue to enhance these pages with new features, including direct access to members-only intranet and Jira-based resources.

Improvements to existing features

PDF Association members will appreciate the following changes:

  • An all-new taxonomic model and editing system allows us to provide much deeper and richer categorization of members, products, articles and more.
  • The taxonomy model is now readily extensible based on member inquiries and requests. If you have a suggestion, let us know!
  • Members can now provide updated information for product listings, news and more using online forms.
  • Publications are now reorganized as "Resources".
  • Organizations and individuals that contribute to the development of PDF Association resources are now recognized for their efforts.

The staff of the PDF Association hope that our members take full advantage of the new site to promote their companies, products and services, participate in working groups and benefit from other community activities.

All the best to you in 2019!

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