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UPDF awards received from G2

UPDF Named Best in G2’s 2024 Spring in Catalog PDF Editor Awards

It’s just a few months into 2024, and UPDF has been awarded Best on G2.
Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a startup developing PDF converter and editor software. Its star product is UPDF. Now it is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Superace … Read more

updf awards

UPDF’s year has started with a bang! It’s just a few months into 2024, and UPDF has been awarded Best on G2. The recognition of the commitment and the app’s functionality motivates the creators to raise the bar higher.

This significant milestone is an attestation to UPDF’s revolutionary features. The backbone, Superace Software was founded in 2021. The team has worked incredibly hard to bring UPDF to life! Early in 2022, it was only released for iOS. Eventually, the team expanded its horizons and is now compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android as well.

Believing in innovation, in 2023, UPDF has been integrated with AI. This has come as a giant leap making UPDF comprehensive and revolutionary! The suite of tools and navigable interface, streamlines work and increases productivity. UPDF has emerged as an affordable yet professional solution for PDF needs!

What Awards UPDF Has Won?

UPDF’s commitment, proactive approach to innovation, and excellence in work are behind this achievement. They have emerged victorious and bagged 7 awards at G2. Being recognized by a credible tech reviewer is a huge feat for the entire UPDF team.

The software has three awards in the ‘High-performer’ category. UPDF is 2024’s ‘High Performer for Small Bussiness’. Twice it has been appreciated for ‘Best Support’, as well. And two accolades in the ‘Easiest to do Bussiness With’ category.

This is a momentous occasion with UPDF’s vision and efforts being recognized. It has emerged as a strong support for businesses and professionals.

Quote from UPDF CEO

The main character behind UPDF’s success story is a highly professional team. It is due to the collective efforts of each individual that UPDF has become a leading name. They have put in efforts to make it climb the stairs of success.

The tech vision of their developers continues to redefine possibilities. With the perfect combination of creativity and genuine ideas, UPDF has become a professional PDF tool.

And the chief visionary behind this all, UPDF CEO, Roc Lan expressed his gratitude over this feat. Roc’s continuous push and motivation to be creative have provided developers with a blank canvas to create magical things.

On this auspicious occasion, Roc said, “We are thrilled to be recognized as the best in G2 reports. Especially grateful for the support of each user.”

UPDF has become a complete tool, that is for novices and professionals. A complete suite of tools and a simple, intuitive interface makes it a popular choice. And the addition of AI has just elevated its workability more.

Lan said, “UPDF has updated weekly, striving to provide a professional, easy-to-use, and innovative PDF solution for all platforms. Our new AI integration aims to streamline workflows for users worldwide.”

UPDF Key Highlights

Many users believe UPDF is a one-stop solution. Their comprehensive yet complete feature set helps create professional and polished PDFs. The clean user interface is a big bonus for tech newbies.

Here are a few key standout features of UPDF:

1. Edit PDFs Seamlessly

Easily manipulate text and images in an easy Word-style format. Change the text formatting or resize, reposition, or delete images, effortlessly.

edit pdf on mac

2. Powerful AI Integration

UPDF is integrated with a strong AI, that offers automative services like text summarization and explanation. The AI can translate text in over 60+ languages as well.

updf ai

3. OCR Integration

Improve the readability of scanned files with powerful OCR. It can easily extract text and images from a blurred file, and even manipulate the new version.

how to ocr pdf

4. Sign PDFs

Secure PDFs with watermarks and digital signatures. Sign contracts in real time or protect document integrity with electronic signatures.

5. Read and Annotate

Read PDFs with convenience with UPDF’s two reading modes and zoom-in feature. The range of professional annotation tools allows real-time document scribbling, commenting, or adding stickers and stamps.

6. Other Features

Other highlighting features include text redaction to remove unnecessary content. Easily organize file pages and change their order, or compress size without affecting the quality. Maintain document confidentiality by restricting access and password protection features.

UPDF ensures convenience and functionality at the fingertips. A plethora of tools can transform how a PDF looks like. Use it to create, edit, convert, share, annotate, and protect files.

About G2 and its importance in Software Review

UPDF is extremely grateful to receive recognition from G2. It’s a great honor because G2 stands as a credible tech-reviewing company. Initiated in 2013, they have been providing valuable tech insights for the past 11 years.

G2 has a credible jury that thoroughly reviews softwares and techs. Users rely on their unbiased reviews for their choices.

Renowned for its transparency and reliability, it is a big achievement to be recognized by them. Not one, but seven awards is truly a testament to the efforts of the entire team.

Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a startup developing PDF converter and editor software. Its star product is UPDF. Now it is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Superace team pursues the goal of maximizing the efficiency of the user experience by designing a compelling user interface for the…

Read more
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