Photo in upper left corner of Markus Erle at a podium with 05.April 2023 15:00 Axes4 Community Ask the expert

Webinar: Ask the Expert – Creating Accessible PDFs Automatically from Microsoft Word

axes4 GmbH // March 22, 2023

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Ask the expert

We regularly invite experts to share their knowledge in the field of digital accessibility and respond to questions from the community regarding a particular topic. It doesn't matter if you have general questions about PDF accessibility or if you are facing a very specific problem - all questions will be answered in the webinar and in the axes4 community.


Almost everyone uses Microsoft Word. Therefore, many PDF files are created from Microsoft Word. It's a pity that until now there were no programs that could create accessible PDFs from Word documents automatically, i.e. without manual reworking of the PDF.

Really? axesWord claims to be able to do just that. We think: This means that everyone can concentrate on their content and still create PDF/UA and WCAG-compliant accessible PDFs. With the latest release, this also applies to people with visual impairments themselves.

NOTE: The webinar will be conducted in German.

Our expert

Markus Erle, Document Accessibility Consultant, Chair of the PDF/UA Techniques for WCAG Working Group of the PDF Association, IAAP-DACH Advisory Board and founding member as well as Co-Founder & CEO of axes4, will answer all questions about Word accessibility, necessary preparation for creating accessible PDFs, the degree of automation for the Word-2-PDF/UA workflow as well as axesWord and the new accessible user interface in the next "Ask the Expert" session.

Accessible PDF simply done! We are dedicated to build software and deliver services that empower you to provide accessible PDF documents. Software axesWord: axesWord is an Add-In that empowers every Word user to create a top-quality accessible PDF in seconds. Remediation is not needed anymore. Quality assurance becomes a no-brainer. …

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