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25 years of PDF

// April 11, 2018

Next-Generation PDF Presentation preview

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Richard Cohn Richard Cohn Principal, Scientist at Adobe Systems, will give a keynote address entitled “25 years of PDF” at the PDF Days Europe 2018.

Presenter: Richard Cohn is a Principal Scientist at Adobe, where he's worked for 25 of the past 30 years, half those years in Boston and half in Silicon Valley. As architect and technical lead for Acrobat 1.0, he designed the first version of PDF as well as implemented core pieces of Acrobat itself. He also led the team that created the first viewer for SVG, the Scalable Vector Graphics format for the web. Most recently, he’s worked on applying machine learning to the 25-year-old problem of extracting document structure from PDFs. In his five years away from Adobe, he consulted for start-ups and established companies, including some in online advertising, payment processing, online bookkeeping, workflow, and mortgage lending. Richard has a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon and a BA and MSE in Mathematical Sciences from Johns Hopkins. He holds seven patents.

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