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Microsoft graphical representation of their workflow: "Start accessible with new Office theme", "Stay accessible with Accessibility Checker and ribbon" and "Publish accessible with PDF."

Microsoft deepens its investment in Tagged PDF. We talked PDF with NISO. Both Android and iOS improve PDF handling. A major vulnerability was fixed in pdf.js.

A stylized print shop.

While PDF/X establishes rules for representing page content for print purposes, it doesn’t describe the specific requirements of the finished print product. This is where PPM steps in, bridging the gap and providing a comprehensive solution.

Screen-shot visualizing two approaches to an unsupported image filter; one page shows a warning, the other shows nothing.

These synthetic files are intended for user experience and human-computer interaction (HCI) specialists to assess the behavior of their current generation of PDF applications to ensure that appropriate user-centric messages are displayed before future PDF changes are made and available to users.

Cover of ISO TS 32004 (sponsored).

The latest ISO Extension to PDF 2.0 offers backwards-compatible integrity protection via Message Authentication Code (MAC).

Figurative PDF file thinking about other file formats.

Accurately understanding the kinds of data that can be in a PDF and how it is stored can be very important. This article aims to explain the different ways by which PDF stores “files”.

PDF Week Tokyo 2024 logo

The second PDF Week event of 2024 arrives May 6-10 in Tokyo! Members can attend remotely if they cannot join us in person.

An example page of one pdf document, with added bounding boxes around words (red), lines (blue) and embedded images (green).

Hugging Face.AI examines PDF. New PDF support in Android. Google reinvents a 31 year-old PDF feature. FireFox wants you to know that you can edit PDFs in its browser. It’s PDF in the Wild for April, 2024!

glTF logo in a page icon.

A new ISO extension to PDF 2.0 adds PDF support for the Khronos Group’s glTF 3D format.

A tag tree with question-marks.

Authoritative answers to common questions about Tagged PDF, WTPDF and PDF/UA.

Fireworks behind a PDF/UA-2 icon.

Based on WTPDF, ISO 14289-2 serves to assure institutions that the PDF Association’s requirements for creating and validating accessible PDF 2.0 files are now ISO-standardized.

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