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ISO standards word cloud

All ISO publications are written according to a set of rules known as the ISO Directives. In this article, the PDF Association’s CTO, Peter Wyatt explains how to understand the formal terminology in ISO’s standards for PDF technology.

PDF version numbers (1.0 - 2.0)

How meaningful is PDF’s version number? SafeDocs’ research reveals that 20% of extant files contain features that exceed the stated version!

XMP metadata panel with a cartoon of an explorer with binoculars.

Peter Wyatt shares his custom metadata panels – very useful for discovering ISO standards and PDF Declarations metadata! (until vendors catch up!)

PDF Association VSCode extension logo.

The PDF Association’s unique Visual Studio Code “pdf-cos-syntax” extension is now available for immediate download.

VSCode screenshot.

Although PDF is commonly understood as a single holistic file format, in reality, PDF comprises a number of distinct dialects, each designed to support a specific aspect of the format.

Illustration of negative dash phase.

PDF developers everywhere have a new resource; targeted test cases highlighting differences between implementations.

pdf code that may be malformed

Funky (but legit!) PDF, sneaky malware PDF, poisoned PDF, PDF for LEGO, NASA does PDF… it’s a wild PDF world out there!

PDF Cheat Sheets

The PDF Association’s PDF cheat sheets are designed to help developers work more efficiently. They are highly condensed summaries, with information grouped to help inform on nuances or details that are often forgotten.

Screenshot of support for UTF-8 and the lack thereof.

PDF is a large, complex specification! Developers often look for first steps in its implementation. This article offers some suggestions.

Screen-shot of the table defining ColorBurn and ColorDodge keys.

PDF Association members now have a new resource: advance previews of targeted test cases highlighting differences between implementations, including in-depth technical explanations.

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