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DocBridge® Solutions by Compart – Adding Value to Existing CCM Workflows

Compart GmbH // October 13, 2022

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IDC found in its Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey that the top 5 benefits of investing in improving the customer experience include better profit margins (34%), better customer loyalty (30%), improved internal processes (27%), positive impact on revenue (27%), and improved customer lifetime value (26%). But improving customer experience in enterprise organizations isn’t solely driven on these perceived benefits; it is also motivated by survival & accessibility initiatives.

Consumer expectations have shifted dramatically and as generational differences persist along with work life environmental changes, they will continue to evolve. Ever increasing is the demand for dynamic communications and real-time interactions that are relevant and specific. We crave relationships that are more than transactional and require highly engaging personalized experiences across experiences while demanding to consume content in our preferred channel.

CCM Platforms and Workflows

Organizations and governmental agencies today are seeking new ways to modernize communication platforms that were developed years ago for batch, paper-based communications. Nowadays, CCM solutions need to be future-proof, capable of digesting any format, connect to any system and be extended to surface in leading business applications. Modular, nimble and most of all flexible. But that doesn’t mean that the entire infrastructure that has supported enterprise document processing for years needs to be replaced in one lift & shift effort.

Just because legacy CCM solutions have typically been monolith in nature, does not mean that the future should be. Nor does it mean that these legacy solutions need to be replaced in the traditional sense. Current deployment technologies allows for scalability, flexibility and extensibility through API plus enable omnichannel CCM workflows.

DocBridge® software from Compart can easily augment or supplement current legacy systems, providing modern functionality without the expense and effort of replacing and remapping existing workflows. Organizations now have the capability to leverage the output from existing legacy applications and turn that into true, Omnichannel content that is fully accessible, WACG and 508 compliant PDF, HTML, AFP, or any number of other formats to meet the various needs of separate divisions, agencies and business units.

Compart is an internationally active manufacturer of software for customer communication management. The company, with headquarters in Böblingen, has been present in the market for more than 30 years and has branches in Europe and North America. The scalable, platform-independent and easy-to-integrate solutions cover the entire cycle of document and…

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