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Interview with Andrey Safonov, Head of Product of PDFTron, about PDF Days Online 2021

Andrey Safonov, Head of Product of PDFTron, talks about his presentation “3DPDFs + the future” at the upcoming PDF Days Online 2021.
About the author: Andrey is a Solution Engineer at PDFTron where he helps enterprises use document technology to solve business problems. He is a passionate full-stack developer who drives customer success by working … Read more

PDF Association: At the PDF Days Online 2021, you will be hosting two presentations titled “Content accessibility for all screen sizes” and “3DPDFs + the future” – what’s that about?

Andrey Safonov: “Content accessibility for all screen sizes”: PDF was originally seen as a fixed format to preserve the layout and ensure consistent presentation across different screens. However, in today’s day and age, with the rise of mobile usage, PDF can introduce some issues with users having to pinch and zoom to read the content. As such, we introduced a reader mode that converts content into HTML preserving as much layout as possible and including text and images. In this talk, we will explore how we can continue collaboration workflows between desktop and mobile users while maintaining PDF specification.

“3DPDFs + the future”: PDF is arguably the most used format in the AEC space. However, as devices get more powerful and new visualization techniques come into play, we need to provide users with the ability to complete their tasks in the 2D and 3D space. In this talk, we will explore how we can bridge the gap between 2D and 3D.

PDF Association: Who is your presentation aimed at?

Andrey Safonov: The presentation will mostly be aimed at Solution Architects, Product Managers and CTOs, although it would still be interesting for developers.

PDF Association: What will the people who attend your presentation be able to take away from it?

Andrey Safonov: Inspiration to create more accessible applications, improve collaboration between different screen sizes as well different formats like 2D or 3D.

PDF Association: The PDF Days Online 2021 has become the leading PDF event. What makes the PDF Days so unique in your mind?

Andrey Safonov: PDF is one of the few formats that has been really standing the test of time and continues to be used by basically every industry to standardize and digitize workflows. PDF Days Online 2021 provides leaders in the industry the ability to collaborate and collectively create the future for the format.

PDF Association: Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at the PDF Days Online 2021.

Check out the overall PDF Days agenda and register for Andrey's session Content accessibility for all screen sizes and 3DPDFs + the future.

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