Rene Treuber

Introducing ISO standards for PDF “processing steps” and “print product metadata”

// April 11, 2018

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Rene TreuberRené Treuber, Product Manager at axaio, will be hosting a presentation titled “Introducing ISO standards for PDF “processing steps" and “print product metadata”" at the PDF Days Europe 2018.

Presenter: René Treuber is axaio software's responsible Product Manager. Meanwhile he can look back on more than 12 years working experience in the field of software development for the printing industry. Together with his team he decides about further developments and new features of the axaio products.

Session Description: The presentation looks into the future and explains what will become possible based on new ISO standards. Both standards make it possible to classify objects or groups of objects in a PDF file. Processing steps will be published soon. It uses PDF layers to which standardized metadata may be attached. “Print product metadata” does the same for pages or groups of pages. Both standards have been designed for the output and print industry and in the first place address requirements in digital print for packagings and transactional printing. But they also define base concepts that may be used in other industries as well.

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