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New Visual Studio Code extension supporting PDF syntax

The new VSCode extension by the PDF Association provides PDF syntax awareness to this popular editor, and is designed to support those learning PDF as … Read more



How to get started with PDF 2.0

PDF is a large, complex specification! Developers often look for first steps in its implementation. This article offers some suggestions.

Screenshot of support for UTF-8 and the lack thereof.

New Technical Specification Released to Enhance Tagged PDF Documents

The PDF Association is proud to announce the release of “ISO/TS 32005 Document management – Portable Document Format – PDF 1.7 and 2.0 structure namespace inclusion in ISO 32000-2”. This publication aims to address and clarify the rules governing PDF … Read more

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Why PDF 2.0 is the new PDF bible

Why PDF 2.0 is the definition of PDF every developer should use – even if your products don’t support PDF 2.0.

Visualization of 4 questions from different parties and one answer from PDF Association.

Development Preview: PDF file checker based on the Arlington PDF Model

OPF is excited to announce the launch of the new PDF File Checker! Building on the great work done by the PDF Association and supported by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), veraPDF has developed an open-source PDF checker … Read more

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Launching iText 8: better than ever at digital signing & document creation!

iText 8 is launches in its first release as part of the Apryse family.

PDF 2.0 adds AES-GCM support

The PDF Association is pleased to announce no-cost availability of ISO/TS 32003, adding support for AES-GCM to PDF 2.0.

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New large-scale PDF corpus now publicly available

This new corpus – nearly 8 million PDFs totaling about 8 TB – was gathered from across the web in July/August of 2021.

Planet Earth with the light of cities illuminating Europe and the Middle East.

Announcing no-cost access to ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0)

Now anyone can download the latest PDF specification, ISO 32000-2, at NO COST! What are you waiting for?

ISO 32000 sponsored by Adobe, Apryse and Foxit.

PDF 2.0 modernizes cryptographic support

ISO TC 171 SC 2 is publishing new extensions and clarifications to PDF 2.0 in support of advanced cryptography.

PDF 2.0 security shield with crypto terms surrounding it

Quirks of PDF public-key encryption

A commentary on the interoperability of encrypting PDF documents with public-key cryptography.

Figurative depiction of cryptography with hands and a phone.