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New Visual Studio Code extension supporting PDF syntax

The new VSCode extension by the PDF Association provides PDF syntax awareness to this popular editor, and is designed to support those learning PDF as … Read more



Datalogics adds PDF/X-6 Support for Adobe PDF Library

In their latest Adobe PDF Library update, Datalogics has added extensive support for PDF/X-6, via a new value added to the APDFL processor.

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pdfRest Launches New ‘Convert to PDF/X’ API Tool

Convert to PDF/X is a REST API tool that converts PDFs to one of several standard PDF/X formats to ensure your output conforms to your targeted print standards.

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Announcing the Aligning PDF/A and PDF/X LWG

The PDF Association has volunteered to host a new Liaison Working Group (LWG) to bring together experts from both PDF/X and PDF/A communities.

PDF 2.0 and ISO 19445 XMP metadata for image and document proofing

How ISO 19445 might be used with PDF 2.0 and related technology updates relevant to the graphic arts industry.

XMP metadata

Practical advice on using some of the most used PDF subset standards

Dietrich von Seggern and Akash Choudhary from callas software and David van Driessche from Four Pees are presenting at this year’s PDF Days Europe sharing practical advice on using some of the most used PDF subset standards.

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axaio software releases MadeToPrint major update 3.1.343

The new MadeToPrint version focuses on improvements in book processing as well as adjustments and new options in PDF post-processing and in creating packages.

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The route to PDF/X and where we are now: a personal history

Martin Bailey reflects on the history of PDF/X and its impact on production printing and the exchange of documents in PDF workflows.

Typefaces in CMYK colors.

callas software releases pdfChip app for Enfocus Switch

Berlin. callas software has announced that it has released an pdfChip app for Enfocus Switch, which is available on the Enfocus Appstore now. pdfChip is a command-line application for the creation of high-quality PDF from HTML, taking full advantage of … Read more

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Twenty Years of PDF/X – Part IV

Dov Isaacs discusses the issues and opportunities that the print publishing industry faces and how the PDF/X standard can help the industry in this installment of the ‘Twenty Years of PDF/X’.

A person tries to decide which version of PDF/X.

Twenty Years of PDF/X – Part III

In this part of the ‘Twenty Years of PDF/X’ series, Dov Isaacs discusses the success and adoption of the PDF/X standards.

Diagram of PDF/X and PDF/VT development.