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“PDF Differences” GitHub repository is now public

PDF developers everywhere have a new resource; targeted test cases highlighting differences between implementations.



Navigating the Future: Unveiling the Path of PDF Technology in the Next 25 Years

Read Riley Kooh’s vision for the future of PDF technology over the next 25 years.

Image showing a PDF page with conversation bubbles depicting the future of PDF

How to Annotate a PDF: 5 Easy Steps with Infographic

Learn how to annotate a PDF using various tools and techniques to add notes, highlights and comments to your PDF document.

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Optimize QR Codes for ePaper

callas software explains why QR Codes should be optimized for digital publications.

shows a newspaper and the same content on a tablet

Datalogics Adds New Video Tutorial: Master PDF Document Merging with Adobe PDF Library

Datalogics announces a new tutorial showing how to merge PDF/UA files.

Datalogics logo under an image depicting data merge

AI-integrated UPDF – Delve into the Future of PDF Editing Tools

UPDF with AI add-on improves workflow efficiency by 90%.

UPDF PDF Editor contest - Redefining limits Improving PDF Efficiency by 90%

pdfRest Launches New ‘Export Form Data’ API Tool

Datalogics’ pdfRest launches its Export Form Data tool with its PDF Forms Pro Cloud API Service.

Export form data

How PDF helps businesses reduce their ecological footprint

We are encouraged to conserve resources. PDF files and digital signatures offer businesses an opportunity to reduce their ecological footprints.

Picture of trees in a forest with a cloud with CO2 imposed on it

callas software hosts another pdfCamp in the fall

Following the success of pdfCamp in spring 2023, callas software will host the eighth event of this kind on October 12 and 13 in Berlin.

Photo of experts at pdfCamp 2023 earlier this year

axaio releases new MadeToTag version 2.9.126

axaio announces the MadeToTag update is available with a number of improvements and fixes.

MadeToTag Updated logo with axaio logo

PDF malformations and more

Funky (but legit!) PDF, sneaky malware PDF, poisoned PDF, PDF for LEGO, NASA does PDF… it’s a wild PDF world out there!

pdf code that may be malformed