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It’s your PDF Association

Getting the most from the meeting-place of the PDF industry

PDF community

You already know that the PDF Association hosts educational events centered on PDF technology. Perhaps you are wondering what else the PDF Association does? This session will provide an overview of the mission and activities of the organization, including:

  • Technical and Liaison Working Groups
  • The ISO standards program
  • Industry standards development
  • Industry programs
  • Technical publications
  • Industry advocacy
  • Members' technical benefits
  • Members' marketing benefits

This session is open for PDF Association member and non-members alike. A large portion of the session will be reserved for questions.

Members should note that the PDF Association all-member meeting follows directly after this session.

Slides download:


Presented at PDF Days Europe 2022
( 2022, Sep )

Duff Johnson
Duff Johnson
PDF Association
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Thomas Zellmann
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