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ISO/TS 32005

PDF 1.7 and 2.0 structure namespace inclusion in ISO 32000-2

ISO/TS 32005 is a PDF 2.0 extension developed by ISO TC 171 SC 2 WG 9.

ISO 32000-2 introduced the mechanism for defining namespaces within a logically structured PDF document; identified two recognized namespaces for tagged PDF documents; and provided strict hierarchical inclusion rules for the standard structure namespace for PDF 2.0.

However, ISO 32000-2 did not specify restrictions and inclusion rules for the standard structure namespace for PDF 1.7.

This lack of specificity in usage of the PDF 1.7 namespace along with the absence of clear rules regarding the interaction of the PDF 1.7 namespace and PDF 2.0 namespace has caused ambiguity in the creation of tagged PDF documents conforming to ISO 32000-2.

The primary purpose of ISO/TS 32005 is to extend the rules already defined within ISO 32000-2 to resolve this ambiguity.

An informative matrix representing the hierarchy relationships described in ISO TS 32005 is available from the PDF Association. See GitHub for proposed and resolved Errata.


Technical questions about ISO/TS 32005 are most effectively addressed in the PDF Association’s official pdf-issues GitHub repo.


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ISO / TS 32005 is an extension of the rules defined in ISO 32000-2 for defining namespaces within a logically structured PDF document.

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