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The iText Suite is a comprehensive PDF SDK which includes iText Core and optional add-ons to give you the flexibility to fit your needs. iText Core is an open source PDF library that you can build into your own applications and is a reimagining of the popular iText 5 engine with a modular code structure, allowing for future improvements and growth as well as simpler coding.

You can use iText Core and certain add-ons for free under the terms of the open source AGPL. Alternatively, we have a number of commercial licensing options available.

iText allows developers to:

  • Generate and manipulate PDF documents, compliant with:
  • PDF specifications including PDF 2.0 (ISO 32000-2)
  • PDF/A (ISO 190005; PDF/A-1a/b, PDF/A-2a/b/u, PDF/A-3a/b/u)
  • PDF/UA (ISO 14289)
  • Create and manipulate tagged PDF
  • Create maps and books, using numerous interactive features available for PDF
  • Add bookmarks, page numbers, watermarks and other features to existing PDF documents
  • Digitally sign and encrypt PDFs
  • Document assembly: extract, concatenate and insert pages
  • Fill out interactive forms and flatten them
  • Serve dynamically generated or manipulated PDF documents to a web browser
  • Use iText add-ons to extend usability and features of the iText platform.
  • Try iText Suite free for 30 days
  • See examples and tutorials to help with building your project

You can download iText Core for Java or .NET.

Related products

iText DITO has been superseded by Fluent. It is a collaborative, low-code and template-based PDF document generator built on iText’s and Apryse’s proven technology. It was developed in order to reduce developer workload and to empower business users by simplifying the process of creating and maintaining data-driven PDF templates, reducing the time and cost of document automation projects.

Fluent consists of a WYSIWYG template designer and a PDF generation Java SDK built to handle enterprise-level requirements and volumes. The SDK is also available as a Docker wrapper for convenient deployment, easy scaling and language-agnostic interfacing.

You can use Fluent for various applications: for instance, credit card statements, airline boarding passes, utility bills, application forms, medical records, invoices and many more.

pdf2Data has been relaunched as a stand-alone template-based data extraction solution that intelligently recognizes data inside structured and semi-structured PDF documents and converts it into structured data.

iText by Apryse

iText is part of the Apryse product portfolio.

There are currently millions of iText users, both open source and commercial. Apryse customers that deploy iText technology —software developers, technology vendors, software integrators— span the fields of technology, financial, public, government and health care sectors, including many of the Fortune 500 companies.

Apryse has a dedicated global team with main offices in US (Denver, Boston), Belgium (Ghent), Canada (Vancouver), and Singapore.

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Joined February 2012
Headquartered in Belgium

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