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“PDF Differences” GitHub repository is now public

PDF developers everywhere have a new resource; targeted test cases highlighting differences between implementations.



“Cheat Sheets” for PDF, for free!

The PDF Association’s PDF cheat sheets are designed to help developers work more efficiently. They are highly condensed summaries, with information grouped to help inform on nuances or details that are often forgotten.

PDF Cheat Sheets

The PDF world mourns John Warnock, Adobe co-founder who created and inspired our industry

The PDF industry mourns the passing of the Adobe founder and visionary whose inventions and insights led to the creation of PDF.

Dr. John Warnock

How to get started with PDF 2.0

PDF is a large, complex specification! Developers often look for first steps in its implementation. This article offers some suggestions.

Screenshot of support for UTF-8 and the lack thereof.

Overcoming ossification: advancing PDF’s imaging model 

Overcoming ossification requires everyone to agree on the strategy and specific technical changes affecting all stakeholders.

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New Technical Specification Released to Enhance Tagged PDF Documents

The PDF Association is proud to announce the release of “ISO/TS 32005 Document management – Portable Document Format – PDF 1.7 and 2.0 structure namespace inclusion in ISO 32000-2”. This publication aims to address and clarify the rules governing PDF …

ISO 32005 cover

Bridging PDF and Web Accessibility

This update from the PDF/UA Processor LWG includes an example of its work mapping PDF’s structure types to web accessibility APIs.

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Why PDF 2.0 is the new PDF bible

Why PDF 2.0 is the definition of PDF every developer should use – even if your products don’t support PDF 2.0.

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When a PDF Becomes Your Conversation Partner

What if you could simply ask a question to a PDF file? What if you could receive answers that are contextually derived, presented in an easily understandable manner, and provided in the language of your query, regardless of the language …

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Why I’m personally supporting a documentary about PDF

Patrick Gallot explains his personal financial support for a forthcoming documentary on the development of the PDF format.

30 years of change, 30 years of PDF

The last 30 years have revealed some persistent truths about how people use and think about information and communication.

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