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New Visual Studio Code extension supporting PDF syntax

The new VSCode extension by the PDF Association provides PDF syntax awareness to this popular editor, and is designed to support those learning PDF as … Read more



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Callas software’s Dietrich von Seggern describes a few of the innovative technologies under consideration for PDF as discussed at the PDF Association’s recent Symposium on Advancing the PDF Imaging Model.

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Parsing PDF’s dialects

Although PDF is commonly understood as a single holistic file format, in reality, PDF comprises a number of distinct dialects, each designed to support a specific aspect of the format.

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PDF techniques for accessibility: a new model

5 years ago the PDF Accessibility LWG began a project to develop a set of accessibility techniques for PDF files. This project is now beginning to come to fruition.

Figurative example of correct and incorrect use of the ActualText property.

The U.S. Government’s Transition to All-Digital Government

New federal regulations set digitization standards for permanent records and require agencies to manage their permanent records in digital format.

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Navigating the Future: Unveiling the Path of PDF Technology in the Next 25 Years

Read Riley Kooh’s vision for the future of PDF technology over the next 25 years.

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“Cheat Sheets” for PDF, for free!

The PDF Association’s PDF cheat sheets are designed to help developers work more efficiently. They are highly condensed summaries, with information grouped to help inform on nuances or details that are often forgotten.

PDF Cheat Sheets

The PDF world mourns John Warnock, Adobe co-founder who created and inspired our industry

The PDF industry mourns the passing of the Adobe founder and visionary whose inventions and insights led to the creation of PDF.

Dr. John Warnock

How to get started with PDF 2.0

PDF is a large, complex specification! Developers often look for first steps in its implementation. This article offers some suggestions.

Screenshot of support for UTF-8 and the lack thereof.

Overcoming ossification: advancing PDF’s imaging model 

Overcoming ossification requires everyone to agree on the strategy and specific technical changes affecting all stakeholders.

A watch showing the interior mechanism.

New Technical Specification Released to Enhance Tagged PDF Documents

The PDF Association is proud to announce the release of “ISO/TS 32005 Document management – Portable Document Format – PDF 1.7 and 2.0 structure namespace inclusion in ISO 32000-2”. This publication aims to address and clarify the rules governing PDF … Read more

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