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New Visual Studio Code extension supporting PDF syntax

The new VSCode extension by the PDF Association provides PDF syntax awareness to this popular editor, and is designed to support those learning PDF as … Read more



PDF techniques for accessibility: a new model

5 years ago the PDF Accessibility LWG began a project to develop a set of accessibility techniques for PDF files. This project is now beginning to come to fruition.

Figurative example of correct and incorrect use of the ActualText property.

Bridging PDF and Web Accessibility

This update from the PDF/UA Processor LWG includes an example of its work mapping PDF’s structure types to web accessibility APIs.

A hand holding a segment of roadway as if inserting it to connect two other portions of a road.

axaio releases new MadeToTag version 2.8.124

axaio is excited to introduce a new version of MadeToTag, the axaio tool for the generation of PDF/UA documents from within Adobe InDesign.

PDF/UA Processor LWG in Paris

The PDF/UA Processor LWG will continue the work of developing a processor and AT specification to help drive better accessible PDF experiences for all!

A new meeting place for developers working with accessibility and PDF

The new PDF/UA Processor LWG’s mission is to establish principles and a framework, and then develop requirements for PDF/UA processors and assistive technology (AT).

axes4 Day 2022: Best practice day for PDF accessibility

Whether you are still at the very beginning of the document accessibility journey or already a Digital Accessibility Expert – together we will learn all about the news, the innovations, and best practices around PDF accessibility.

axes4 Day Barrierefreies PDF 14 September Early bird and PDF Days Europe 2022 12 & 13 September

Introducing the PDF/UA Processor LWG

The new PDF/UA Processor LWG will work to formalize common understandings on processing PDF/UA-conforming PDF files.

PDF on GAAD: because it’s the content you keep

Tagged PDF is becoming increasingly common. On #GAAD 2022, PDF/UA’s ISO Project Leader takes stock of the progress and highlights what remains.

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Accessible documents with PDF/UA – Basics

This post provides a quick overview of PDF/UA that explains what PDF/UA is, why it should be used, what is important and how to create PDF/UA documents.

Assistive technology street markers

axaio’s MadeToTag for Adobe InDesign with revised table feature

axaio releases a new version 2.3.112 of its MadeToTag plugin including usability improvements to the table feature.

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