Redaction in electronic documents

// April 11, 2018

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Kevin WillemsKevin Willems, Software Engineer at iText Software, will be hosting a presentation titled “Redaction in electronic documents” at the PDF Days Europe 2018.

Presenter: Kevin is a developer with iText, an innovative PDF library that automates document workflow processes. He specializes in technical support with a particular focus on the iText 7 Core library and customer satisfaction.  When he is not helping customers at iText, you can find him working on one of his many pet projects or honing his poker skills either online or face to face.

Session Description: Redacting is the removal of privileged or protected customer data before publishing or distributing. Something that has gained a lot of importance over the last years and will do so even more once the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) takes effect. While this is a trivial task for certain document formats, there are a few problems when redacting PDF documents. Redaction isn't simply removing the ability to see sensitive data, it is removing all traces of that content while retain the document properties as best as possible. This talk will delve into what redaction is for PDFs and why it is important,. We will showcase different methods of redaction, emphasizing how you can redact your content and how it applies in your business.

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