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Smart Redact from Foxit Software AI based document redaction

Foxit Smart Redact provides a simple, easy, efficient, and comprehensive method to assist people in dealing with sensitive information from PDF documents. It helps users who need to redact sensitive information in PDF but don’t know the exact words to redact in advance.

Are your PDF documents secure, and what should you do to ensure the data they contain is secure? Keeping that data secure is not only a best practice, but is often required by data privacy laws. In this blog and accompanying webinar: “PDF Security: Encryption and Digital Signatures”, we offer you the top three ways to improve your PDF document security.

I recently had the privilege and honor to present an introduction to PDF Redaction at the PDF Association‘s Electronic Document Conference this past June in Seattle, WA. In my presentation, titled “PDF Redaction at Scale,” I discussed how redaction is a critical aspect of PDF document management, but many people don’t understand the correct way … Read more

Screen shot of the cover of the Mueller Report

As reported within hours by Quartz, four days after its initial release and fanfare-free, the US Department of Justice re-posted the Mueller Report PDF with a few improvements. They also added a few problems that really shouldn’t be present in such a significant historical document. The Mueller Report A Technical and Cultural Assessment of the … Read more

Screenshot of a redacted page showing an email address missed by OCR software.

On April 19 we published an analysis of the Mueller report PDF released by the US Department of Justice. Further analysis of the PDF file reveals an additional serious problem. Even after running OCR software, the report isn’t truly searchable. Take-aways The workflow DoJ chose for releasing the PDF of Mueller’s report makes the work of … Read more

Cover of the Mueller Report

What can we learn about the Mueller Report from the PDF file released by the Department of Justice (DoJ) on April 18, 2019? This article offers two things: a brief, high-level technical assessment of the document, and a question of culture: why everyone assumes it would be delivered as a PDF file – and would … Read more

Kevin Willems, Software Engineer at iText Software, will be hosting a presentation titled “Redaction in electronic documents” at the PDF Days Europe 2018. Presenter: Kevin is a developer with iText, an innovative PDF library that automates document workflow processes. He specializes in technical support with a particular focus on the iText 7 Core library and … Read more

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